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About the Fire Department

The Township of Verona is an incorporated township located in the northeast section of New Jersey, and located in the northwestern part of Essex County (area known as West Essex). Verona Lies between the first and second Watchung Mountains, with a small river (Peckman River) flowing at the bottom of the valley. The town is 2.8 square miles, and has a population of approximately 13,500. The town has 8 schools (6 Public, 2 Private) 4 parks (two reservations and two county parks). Two Major roads run through Verona: Bloomfield Avenue and Pompton Avenue (NJ-23), including several smaller, but still high volume roads. New York City is about 30 minutes away by car. The Verona Fire Department is an all volunteer fire department. This status saves Verona Taxpayers millions of dollars a year, while still maintaining the professionalism, quality service, and level of training found in any other fire department, career or volunteer.

All Verona firefighters must obtain their Firefighter 1 certification, which is the basic training required to be a firefighter in the State of New Jersey. We have one of the largest departments in the West Essex area: about 60 members, overseen by 6 elected officers. We have 2 stations, each with a non-residential company comprised of 28-30 regular members. The stations are on each side of the Peckman River. This is because in case the river overflows and splits the town in half, there is adequate fire protection for all residents. In case of an emergency, both firehouses serve as evacuation centers.

We have 3 front line engines, 1 85′ Quint ladder truck, 1 auxiliary foam-equipped engine, a brush truck and a utility truck. We average around 330 calls for service per year. We are dispatched by the Verona Police Department. The Verona Fire Department has the following response teams in place:
•Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) / Firefighter Assist and Search Team (FAST)
•Foam Team Air Cascade Team
•Truck Operations Team
•Large Diameter Hose Pump Relay Team

The Verona Fire Department is part of a countywide network for:
•Training Mutual Aid
•Fire Attack Task Force
•Decon Task Force

Township codes and ordinances are written and enforced to provide safety for all of its citizens. We take great pride in our fire prevention efforts. A full time Fire Prevention Officer inspects residential, commercial and industrial premises to help reduce the community’s risk of fire and is always available to provide fire prevention education for all ages.