Auxiliary Fire Department

In 1942 the Verona Auxiliary Fire Department was created as a Civilian Defense measure, in the event of an enemy attack, and an aid to the Fire Department. The Department was active until the 1970s. In 2003, the Verona Fire Department re-activated the Auxiliary Fire Department to allow young men and women the opportunity to serve their community until they become old enough to become a regular member.

Firefighter’s Auxiliary shall be limited to

  • Attending meetings as required.
  • Receiving instruction.
  • Participating in training that does not involve, smoke, toxic or noxious gas, or hazardous materials or substances.
  • Observing firefighting activities, while under supervision with proper firefighter’s Auxiliary protective equipment.
  • Auxiliary members will not be permitted to enter any building or approach any hazardous scene.
  • Answering fire calls exclusively in the Township of Verona. Firefighter Auxiliary members are prohibited from answering mutual aid requests to other municipalities.

The Verona Auxiliary Fire Department is limited to members who are 16 – 21 years of age, or enrolled full-time in college.

If you are interested in joining the Verona Auxiliary Fire Department, please email us at