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Engine Company #1
880 Bloomfield Ave
Verona, NJ 07044

Captain: Matthew Gifford
Lieutenant:  Nate Berman

No Phone Calls Accepted



Hook and Ladder Company 1 and Hose Company 1 were housed in a barn at the rear of the old Methodist Church Parsonage on Grove Avenue until 1910. That year the borough acquired The Old Methodist Church at the northeast corner of Bloomfield Avenue and Grove Avenue, which was converted into a small firehouse, while a small building in the rear became the Council room and the office of the Borough Clerk. Today, the Verona Police Department occupies what was once Station 1.

On April 3, 1917, Hook and Ladder Company 1 was merged into Hose Company 1 and its members joined either Hose Company 1 or Hose Company 2.

In 1935, with Fred Ingold chief, Hose Company 1 changed its name to Engine Company 1.

In 1975 with Sandy Weinberg chief, a Ford Young 1500-gallon pumper was purchased for Company #1. At the same time, New Jersey State Legislation was in the talks of making all fire apparatus more visible. To comply with the expected law, and to save the taxpayers money down the line for improvements, the Ford Young was painted yellow. The law was never passed, but Company 1 adopted the new color as their color scheme. Today, Company #1’s color scheme is black, yellow and white.

On June 24, 1997 with Kevin Gifford chief, Engine Company 1 moved to the new No. 1 firehouse at 880 Bloomfield Avenue, after it was dedicated and put in service.


Engine 11
2004 Pierce Lance

Engine 10
1999 Pierce Lance

Brush 19
2008 Ford F450

Rescue 1
1992 Volvo