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Office of the Fire Chief
880 Bloomfield Ave
Verona, NJ 07044

Fire Chief: Steven Tedesco
Assistant Chief:  Nicholas Poliseno


(973) 857-1078

(973) 857-5272

Fire Chief

The Fire Chief and Assistant Chief are the officers in charge and department heads of the Verona Fire Department. They assume total management responsibility for the overall management of the Fire Department. Their duties include supervising other officers and firefighters at an emergency scene and recruiting, training, and equipping them for their respective duties, as well as administrative duties such as budgets and personnel issues, research into safety and regulations, and liaison with other agencies. Both Chief and Assistant Chief are unpaid volunteers elected by the membership to serve 2 years. Prerequisites for fire officers, including Fire Chief, are set forth in N.J.A.C. 5:73-1.6.

Board of Fire Officers

The Chief and Assistant Chief of the Fire Department, together with the Captain and Lieutenant of each company, shall constitute a Board of Fire Officers, who shall meet monthly or more frequently for the transaction of all business of the Department. The Board of Fire Officers have entire and absolute control over and management of the Department. The Board of Fire Officers handle personnel matters, training mandates, and other management issues.

Current Board of Fire Officers are:

Steven Tedesco, Chief of the Department

Nicholas Poliseno, Assistant Chief

Matthew Gifford, Company #1 Captain

Edward Pope, Company #2 Captain

Nate Berman, Company #1 Lieutenant

Louis Knoetig, Company #2 Lieutenant